Brain's Failure To Regulate Itself Source Of Human Struggle

Brain's Failure To Regulate Itself Source Of Human Struggle

"Anxiety, sadness, anger - all of the common struggles and challenges in human life stem from failures of the brain to regulate itself" - Bill Harris

It's the pre-frontal cortex versus the limbic system.

In this age-old battle between immediate gratification and delayed happiness, these two parts of our brain face off every time we see a tempting dessert, seductive woman (or man), or begin to procrastinate...

This week's Optimal Performance Podcast features a man who has spoken at the United Nations and shared the stage with the Dali Lama.

Holosync creator Bill Harris is on the OPP to share his expertise on meditation, brain function, awareness, and self-improvement.


Awareness Creates Choice

As you'll hear from Bill several times in this podcast, "awareness creates choice" and he's about to tell you how you can create tremendous awareness due to changes created in the brain - similar to traditional meditation - only 8X faster!

Bill's teachings and technology help us enhance the prefontal cortex, calm the limbic system and increase connections throughout the brain for greater awareness and increased performance.

How Mastering Your Mind Leads To Increased Awareness, Choice and Happiness

Once we are able to increase our own awareness, Bill has four areas of focus to help us use this increased awareness to master of our mind and better our lives.

  1. How you feel
  2. How you behave
  3. The situations you attract or become attracted to
  4. The meanings we assign to those events

In this phenomenal episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast, Bill Harris explains how we can become more aware of our thoughts and behaviors so that we can more consciously choose to experience the best possible life.

We can do this by observing our internal dialogue and processes - then learn to control them and help create your desired reality and future rather than live by chance.

Enjoy this podcast and let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments below


Here's what you'll learn from Holosync creator Bill Harris on this episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast:

  • Technology that creates tremendous awareness due to changes created in the brain - similar to traditional meditation
  • How we're all traumatized by life and how those experiences shape our behaviors and the people we attract
  • How to go from angry, anxious, depressed and struggling asshole to calm, clear, and happy zen buddhist
  • Discovering electrical brainwaves made by meditators and using binaural beats to change brainwaves to resemble those of meditators = the genesis of Holosync technology
  • The battle between your limbic system and your prefrontal cortex - and how it dictates your happiness and performance
  • The downside to dopamine and limbic system imbalances
  • Why you need to calm down your limbic system, how stress makes you dumber and causes the limbic system to grow - perpetuating the negative cycle
  • How meditation increase prefrontal cortex strength and reduces limbic system activity to suppress impulsive behavior 
  • How acetylcholine impacts mental processing speed and the "attentional blink" experiment
  • How Holosync ("meditation on steroids") produces the same results as meditation - only 8X faster!
  • How meditation (and Holosync) increases your threshold for what you can handle
  • Bill's supplement regimen...l-theanine, omega-3's, GABA, mitochondrial optimizers, brain foods and more
  • The $25,000 physical and genome test, biohacking toys for exercise, and cryotherapy
  • "The brain is designed to work in parallel" - how to increase connections to increase cognitive performance
  • The secret to developing magnetic charisma and mastering the world that mind creates - and taking it into the world to make a difference
  • Where can you find more of Bill Harris, Holosync and Centerpointe
  • Bill Harris's Top 3 Tips To #LiveOptimal

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