Why It's Impossible To Be A Vegetarian: Andrew Smith Interview

Why It's Impossible To Be A Vegetarian: Andrew Smith Interview


Last week, Andrew Smith's article "Why It's Impossible To Actually Be A Vegetarian" went viral.

The wildfire-like way in which it spread through every corner of the internet is a testament to Andrew's articulation of a new viewpoint on a familiar argument.

Now, we interview Andrew - a vegetarian himself, and professor of Philosophy at Drexel University - on the Optimal Performance Podcast to explore his thoughts and the research on vegetarianism, food production, and our impact on the food cycle.

We discover that plants demonstrate intelligence, explore plant sentience and find out why Andrew has chosen to be a vegetarian despite all his arguments against the popular reasons for being vegetarian.

What you'll hear from Andrew Smith in this episode of the OPP:

  • Why it's impossible to actually be a vegetarian
  • The Food Web is cyclical, not linear (plants eats animals too)
  • How plants perform arithmetic to ration starch consumption overnight until they can resume photosynthesis when the sun rises the next day
  • Plants excrete their own they feel?
  • Hormone systems within plants, and decentralized "brains" that are biochemically similar to ours
  • Are coffee, chocolate, and cashews ecological terrors when produced on a massive scale?

    "Your grandparents didn't have to worry about their food being laced with chemicals"

  • Learn how our food policies have changed in the last 40 years and what you can do about it
  • Ecoside = Genocide of the ecosystem: the bigger argument for Vegetarians...
  • With all this information, Why is Andrew Smith a vegetarian?
  • How our dietary beliefs can be more personal and closely held than our religious beliefs - and why our reactions to dietary challenges are so strong (sometimes negative)
  • Your overall health and wellbeing are far more important than your ties to certain beliefs or practices
  • One tip for success: Seek experts opinions and advice for your given pursuit
  • Andrew's tips for vegetarians: (Lift weights & eat plenty of fat!)
  • Where you can find more of Andrew Smith
  • Andrew's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal 

Links & Resources:

Why It's Impossible To Actually Be A Vegetarian

Andrew's Books:

Stefano Mancuso TED Talk: Plant Intelligence

Plants perform arithmetic to ration starch consumption 

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