Burn More Fat: Become A Fat-Burning Beast with Mark Sisson

Burn More Fat: Become A Fat-Burning Beast with Mark Sisson

Burn More Fat with Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is a leader in the health and fitness community.

Mark is the bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and one of the leading voices of the Evolutionary Health Movement - also referred to as the Primal and Paleo movements.

His blog,, has paved the way for Primal enthusiasts to challenge conventional wisdom’s diet and exercise principles and take personal responsibility for their health and well-being.

Mark’s efforts to promote primal living extend to a line of nutritional supplements, a book publishing company, a Primal Kitchen line with healthy mayonnaise, salad dressing, meal replacement and energy bar, and a burgeoning Primal Kitchen fast casual restaurant chain. (Use code: NATURALSTACKS to save 10% on all things Primal)

A former elite endurance athlete, with a 2:18 marathon and a 4th place Hawaii Ironman finish, Mark's new book Primal Endurance applies the primal eating and lifestyle principles to the challenge of endurance training—helping athletes overcome the common conditions of burnout and carbohydrate dependency.

All of which, we discuss in depth with Mark on this edition of the Optimal Performance Podcast.

What You'll Learn From Mark Sisson on this episode of the OPP:

  • Tweet: "Look around any ER - lifestyle choices trump genetics"
  • How to extract the maximum amount of fitness, health, and happiness from your life
  • Burn more fat: practical and effective tips and tricks
  • Reduce sugar, processed carbohydrates, and refined vegetable oils
  • When "experts" differ in their advice, how do you know who or what to listen to?
  • Problems that arise from too much sugar in our blood
  • Tweet: "People are attached to their way of eating more strongly than they're attached to their religion"
  • Find as many opportunities as possible to move - and call it play
  • Training and diet protocols to create more mitochondria
  • The magical heart rate number you need to know for fat-burning training AND the heart rate "black hole" you should avoid for optimal results
  • Tweet: "Training to develop the ability to sustain power over time will increase mitochondria"
  • How can I get the most amount of benefit for the least amount of effort
  • Mark's experiments with Ketone Salt products
  • Can fat-adapted athletes succeed in football as well as endurance sports?
  • Tweet: Want to lose fat, well, "how efficient is your body at burning fat?"
  • Society precepts and the psychology of eating as much as possible
  • The bodybuilding approach of 6 meals a day is built on being a sugar-burner and how it can pre-dispose you to Type II Diabetes
  • Tweet: "Cortisol literally MELTS muscle"
  • Why training inconsistently leads to better, faster, more sustainable progress
  • You don't "lose fitness" from 3-4 days away from your routine
  • "Mark's 'never-been-jet-lagged' travel hack"
  • Cyclic ketogenic diets in medicine and for use as a weight loss tool
  • How the gut biome converts fiber into short chain fatty acids, impacting the immune system and Mark's tips to optimize your gut health
  • What Mark wishes he knew at 25 
  • Where you can find more of Mark Sisson, Primal Kitchen and Mark's Daily Apple
  • Mark Sisson's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOPtimal 

Links & Resources

Mark's Website

Mark's Books: SAVE 10% on Mark's books (& Primal Mayo) with coupon code NATURALSTACKS

Primal Kitchen 

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Prebiotic+: Resistant starch complex supports optimal gut health and neurotransmitter production [1]

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Vitamin D3: Crucial hormonal and health support for those of us who don't paddle board in Malibu, California several times a week like Mark Sisson [3]

Creatine: Get those extra reps and give your body the stimulus it needs for change [4]

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