Featured Optimizers: April 2016

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April 2016 Featured Optimizers

Samuel Shaw

Samuel Shaw won the heavyweight division of the Jacksonville Physique bodybuilding show!


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Ting Wang

Some thorough n=1 experimentation from health & fitness blogger Ting Wang revealed that CILTEP and Dopamine Brain Food increased her cognitive performance on the Wonderlic Test by almost 2X in 1 month.


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Skip Platt

Natural Stacks Champion Skip Platt is an American Ninja Warrior competitor and made it to the filmed portion of the show! Look for him on TV June 1st. @splatt25

Shop Skip's favorites: MagTech, Krill Oil, & Curcumin

Tyson Griffin

"If you know me you know I love naturally healthy ingredients and I just might love naturally sourced supplements like these even more!!!" -Tyson Griffin, @tysongriffin

Chelsea Maier

"Natural Stacks MagTech is the best stack I've ever tried out of many different brands and forms. I order from them in four packs because life sucks when I run out!" - Chelsea Maier, @inplaneview

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