Live at Paleo f(x): How To Live The Pirate Life with Caveman Coffee

Live at Paleo f(x): How To Live The Pirate Life with Caveman Coffee

Live from Paleo f(x) 2016 in Austin, Texas we have Lacie Mackey, Keith Jardine, and Tait Fletcher of Caveman Coffee on the Optimal Performance Podcast.

If you ever wondered what it's like to be at Paleo f(x) or to hang out with the Caveman Coffee crew, this is your chance to do exactly that.

This special live podcast is raw and unscripted. It's also authentic, entertaining, motivational, and "pirate AF" as the Caveman Coffee team would say.

What You'll Hear from the Caveman Coffee Crew:

  • Cold Brew Coffee + Mineral Water + MCT Oil
  • Coffee is like french fries...we all have our favorite place and favorite way to enjoy them 
  • How the Whole Life Challenge spawned the beginning of Caveman Coffee
  • How soil and altitude impact coffee flavors and profiles
  • Tait’s cold brew secrets (making homemade cold brew in hotel rooms while filming Jurassic World)
  • How Lacie “accidentally” launched the company
  • "Whoever you’re around, make sure they want an excellent standard for themselves in life” - @taitfletcher (Click To Tweet)
  • Why lighter roasts are better for health…
  • Darker roasts = less caffeine, less chlorogenic acid…The darker the roast, the less nutrients (cooked out)
  • How coffee flavors change as your cup cools
  • “Whatever it is that you’re doing, make it a beautiful song” - @taitfletcher (Click To Tweet)
  • How Lacie became a trainer to movie stars and how she’s changing the food and fitness on movie sets
  • Tips to stay optimal during travel from 3 of the business people on Earth
  • Staying optimal when you’re out of your routine and life seems to be stacked up against you
  • Thoughts on Paleo, Keto, and nootropics
  • A standard is drawing a line in the sand & make a stand for what you believe in…
  • “The world treats you the way you train (or allow) it to treat you” - @taitfletcher (Click To Tweet)
  • How to become more resilient, useful, and purposeful
  • Caveman loves NS! (MagTech, Prebiotic, SBF, CILTEP & Dopamine)
  • No habituation or down-regulation of metabolic pathways with the natural stacks products
  • Habits and practices for mindfulness and relaxation
  • Tait’s unedited advice for masturbation and sauna usage
  • Near and far infrared saunas and at-home setups for less than $2K
  • Taking SBF before floating
  • Tips for optimizing your CILTEP & Dopamine Brain Food
  • How Lacie and I stay active and sneak workouts into our desk-bound workdays - a biohack for fitness and increasing brain activation/productivity
  • Leading by example - the secret to creating a culture
  • Stick to your guns - The Pirate Code and how you can “pirate your life back” 
  • Make some edits… at 
  • Black Sails Yacht Club…the June collaboration between NS & CC: Get CC delivered monthly + FREE CILTEP samples and a special discount code
  • “What if I take 8 Dopamine in day?"
  • “There is no prize for being the most “paleo” -@taitfletcher (Click To Tweet)
  • Empowering people to captain their own lives
  • The government is not looking out for you - make your own decisions. "Watch out for they" - DJ Khalid
  • Where you can find more from Caveman Coffee, Tait, Keith and Lacie
  • Caveman Coffee's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

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      Sermon On The Mount

      Natural Stacks Products mentioned on the show:

      Serotonin Brain Food for reduced irritability and an increase sense of relaxation

      Dopamine Brain Food for enhanced 

      CILTEP for increased focus and mental performance

      MagTech for better, more restful sleep and to aid mild memory problems associated with aging

      Prebiotic+ Resistant Starch Complex for improved sleep and optimal digestive health


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