How To Quickly Become An Expert At Anything with Mattias Ribbing

How To Quickly Become An Expert At Anything with Mattias Ribbing

Memory Grand Master Mattias Ribbing is going to blow your mind.

He memorizes an American newspaper (non-native language) and recites every story on every page.

Get ready to have your mind blown - and then learn how you can develop these same abilities to learn faster and achieve expert status sooner.

How To Quickly Become An Expert At Anything

The Swedish Grand Master of Memory - with a Top 100 ranked memory - didn't begin his mental training until age 29! He's NOT a natural...if he can do it, anyone can.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Start with the whole - not the details. Get the skeleton or big picture.
  2. Create recognizable, 3D images. They don't have to be wild, crazy, or violent.
  3. Use visualization, not language skills for better memory.
  4. Do it consistently, and make it automatic.

Check out this podcast for the specifics on how to you can start using these techniques right now so you can learn faster and become an expert at anything.

What You'll Hear From Mattias Ribbing on the Optimal Performance Podcast:

  • How does one become a Grand Master of Memory?
  • CILTEP increased memory recall for speed memorization of entire decks of cards
  • Memorizing the Austin, TX newspaper (in his second language) and reciting any page on command
  • Mattias was NOT born with this ability - he began training his brain these methods at the age of 29
  • Mattias's techniques and how you can you them to become an expert at anything. (HINT: Your images don't have to be weird, crazy, violent or sexual)
  • What is "Teflon syndrome" and how you can avoid it
  • Mattias's tips on how you can get started right now
  • How often do you need to review information to keep it with you for lifetime storage
  • Hacks to increase time and your experience of time for increased productivity
  • "The secret to success = don't be a perfectionist, and always push your boundaries" - @mattiasribbing (Click To Tweet)
  • How diet impacts the brain's ability to function at the highest level
  • Why visual memory is greater than language memory
  • Where you can find more of Mattias Ribbing
  • Mattias's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal


Mattias's Website: GrandMasterofMemory

CILTEP increased recall of entire decks of cards

Pomodoro Timer 

P.D. Ouspensky Books on Amazon

Mattias on Social Media:


CILTEP for times when you want to boost focus and memory

MagTech for increased synapse density and reduced brain age [1]

Mattias's site to bring Biohacking to Sweden


Keep the conversation going in the comments below. How do YOU boost your brain, learn faster, or manage your time better?




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