2017 Bulletproof Conference Hot Seat Podcast

2017 Bulletproof Conference Hot Seat Podcast

Multiple experts and leaders answering rapid fire questions in one episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast can only mean one thing - it's Hot Seat time.

The Hot Seat is a fan-favorite format and it all started at the 2016 edition of the Bulletproof Conference. Since then, we've had the Natural Stacks team on the Hot Seat and we continued the tradition at the Biohacking Conference in Sweden

This edition features brain expert Jim Kwik, Nutrition pioneer Jonny Bowden, Dr. Joseph Mercola and more.

Pay close attention in the Skye Chilton section for a Natural Stacks coupon code and check out Jim Kwik's challenge for a chance to win a special prize.

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Bulletproof “Hot Seat” Podcast

  • Dr. Jonny Bowden
    • Beauty doesn't come in one size
    • Stop being so hard on yourself – Relax and enjoy the journey
    • Stop trying to be someone else
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola
    • Optimize and improve your sleep
    • Have to go to circuit breaker and turn it off before bed
    • Minimize your exposure to un natural EMF (electric fields in the bedroom)
    • We need to appreciate the damage of EMF
  • Skye Chilton of NAMMEX
    • Dial in your diet and get good sleep
    • Take action and get things done
    • Do something that you like doing and work on giving it back to the people
  • Jim Kwik
    • Building better brains
    • One skill to master in 21st century it’s your ability to learn faster, think faster and to focus better
    • M.O.M – 3 keys to retain information better
      • Motivation – Reason reap results
      • Observation - Not your retention, it’s your attention
      • Mechanics
    • Brain hacks for busy people to learn fast – Jim’s podcast
    • Do not use your phone the first hour of the day
    • Digital dementia - outsourcing our brains to our devices
    • Gain perspective – Leaders are readers
    • Zero classes on how to learn
  • Dr. Anthony Gustin, Mary Shenouda, Max Lugavere
    • Not responsible for other people’s emotions
    • Be grateful for everything inside you and well as outside you
    • More people need to be willing to challenge their own hypothesizes and the things that they read
    • Be impeccable with your word
    • Be competitive about the value you bring with your time on this planet
    • Don’t work for anyone else and work your ass off


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  • Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) · Twitter
  • Esther Perel (@EstherPerel) · Twitter
  • David Blaine (@davidblaine) | Twitter
  • Simon Sinek (@simonsinek) | Twitter
  • Richard Saul Wurman
  • Brendon Burchard (@BrendonBurchard) · Twitter
  • Frank Gehry 
  • Paul Reddick (@paulreddick567) – Instagram
  • Matt Nathanson (@mattnathanson) · Twitter
  • Stephen King (@StephenKing) · Twitter

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