Is PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) The Ultimate Anti-Aging "Vitamin" For Your Brain?

Is PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) The Ultimate Anti-Aging "Vitamin" For Your Brain?

If you haven’t heard of PQQ yet, you're about to become acquainted with one of the world's most promising supplements to boost your brain health and cognitive potential.

See, PQQ continues to amaze researchers.

For such a simple substance, over 175 published studies have shown it has profound and wide-ranging benefits related to memory, general cognition, mood, and mental processing power.

That's why in today's article we're going to share the latest cutting-edge research on PQQ and how it can benefit the health and performance of your mind.

By the end of the article it's quite likely you'll have a new go-to supplement to support your mental health and performance. But first you should have a general understanding of what PQQ is and how it works.

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What Is BioPQQ and why should I take it?

For starters, 'BioPQQ' is a branded form of the ingredient pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ). There are countless form of PQQ on the market today, but BioPQQ is uniquely formulated from natural bacterial fermentation, while other common varieties such as PureQQ contain entirely synthetic forms of the substance.

BioPQQ is also the only form of PQQ that’s approved by the FDA in the United States. Any other form of PQQ that you see in distribution is being sold unlawfully.

How does PQQ work?

PQQ is usually used as a dietary supplement because of the way it interacts with your body’s mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the most important cellular components in your body. The mitochondria create adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the main source of energy for your cells (which is why mitochondria are affectionately known as the powerhouse of the cell.)

It’s important to understand how much work your mitochondria do. Since they provide energy at a cellular level, they are responsible for the proper function of your entire body, cell by cell. If you have a problem with your mitochondria, chances are you’ll suffer from extreme, unmanageable fatigue and other symptoms.

PQQ encourages the growth of new mitochondria and enhances their performance and energy output.

More mitochondria and better function means more energy throughout the body and mind, but PQQ's brain benefits don't stop there. 

PQQ’s Effects on the Brain

PQQ was first noted for having a similar profile of effects as the B vitamins, which are hugely important for cognitive function and energy. It was soon discovered that PQQ has its own unique mechanisms of action in the brain.

1) Enhances nerve growth

Before 1986 it was widely accepted that damaged nerve cells could not be regrown. However, later in that same year the scientific community witnessed the discovery of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a revolutionary finding showing that damaged nerves could in fact be regrown and recover.

BioPQQ has been shown to have a positive impact on NGF, and to boost levels of nerve growth as much as 40-fold. NGF is necessary for the formation and maintenance of new neurons, and it can restore damaged neurons that may inhibit cognitive functioning.

Neurons are the cells that transmit messages so our brain can communicate among itself and to the rest of our body. Improving the quality and quantity of neurons leads to cognitive improvement.

2. Prevents cognitive decline

PQQ is an effective nutrient for preventing cognitive decline. As we age, it’s natural for oxidative stress to damage our minds and bodies. Minimizing this damage is one of the most effective ways to prolong our lives and keep us functioning at a high level well into old age.

PQQ has also been shown to improve short-term memory and enhance direct attention. In one study, 17 subjects were given 20 mg of PQQ on a daily basis. Over the course of 8 weeks, values measured for vigor, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and confusion were all significantly improved.

There were also improvements in sleep quality, and daytime grogginess, both of which can contribute to cognitive decline.

3. Enhances learning abilities

Rats fed a diet including PQQ consistently ranked higher in tests of learning ability

When compared to a control group and another group fed a diet including CoQ10, both the PQQ group and the CoQ10 tested higher on memory function than the control, but it was the PQQ rats that tested notably higher than both groups.

When vitamin-E deficient rats were tested, the PQQ group tested just as well as the CoQ10 group in learning improvement, but also helped the rats maintain memory function better.

The brain is the biggest consumer of the energy our mitochondria produce - so, logically, it also reaps some of the best benefits from enhanced mitochondrial function. PQQ can cause a significant reduction in mental stress, cognitive fatigue (also known as brain fog) and improve the quality of sleep by its action on the mitochondria.

An analysis on BioPQQ’s effects in the brain

One of the more comprehensive studies done on BioPQQ was done in 2016.

The study actually formed as a result of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue, which reported that the benefits of BioPQQ were significant but were not well understood.

Cognitive benefits were continually reported, but researchers weren’t sure what caused it.

The study in summary

The study involved 20 people, all in good health, between 50 and 70 years old. There were 12 women and 8 men, broken into two groups of 6 and 4. Study subjects were screened to make sure that they had no past history of mental problems or brain illnesses and were not taking any supplements or vitamins intended to improve their cognitive functions or the blood flow to the brain.

They were given either BioPQQ in 20mg doses, or a placebo, every day for 12 weeks. The capsules of PQQ would be eaten with water after breakfast.

The study measured the cerebral blood flow and oxygen metabolism in the prefrontal cortex before and after the subjects used PQQ. They also measured hemoglobin concentration and absolute tissue oxygen saturation in the prefrontal cortex.

The study reported that the BioPQQ group saw increases in the baseline level of hemoglobin when compared to placebo, and also saw a decrease in oxygen saturation.

So what does this mean?

BioPQQ increased baseline and total levels of hemoglobin, as well as decreasing saturation of oxygen in the prefrontal cortex, indicative of increased oxygen metabolization. These are both indicators of cognitive improvement.

Hemoglobin and oxygen metabolism are associated with enhanced cognitive abilities. This had not been widely accepted before, and has given the research community a good reason to continue researching BioPQQ.

The study also revealed significant decreases in the BioPQQ group in regards to state-trait anxiety inventory (STAI). This confirmed previous research suggesting that BioPQQ can eliminate anxiety and mental stress.

It also confirmed that STAI scores, which are typically higher in people whose brains are dominant on the right-hand side, showed higher scores on STAI tests. BioPQQ showed higher levels of cognitive improvement in these right brain dominant individuals.

The tests didn’t reveal any adverse effects in the bloodstream or anywhere else that was observed internally. This indicates that BioPQQ can be used safely, at least in the short-term, with significant improvement to cognitive function and reductions in mental stress.

In conclusion

The benefits of PQQ include:

  • Increased mitochondrial density for more energy
  • Defense against oxidative stress
  • Improved learning and memory ability
  • Reduced inflammation

Whether it's in humans, animals, or petri dishes, the evidence demonstrating PQQ as a safe, effective, daily supplement is only increasing by the year. If there is one supplement to take to ensure healthy brain function and maintenance of normal cognitive faculties as we age, it's BioPQQ.

That's why we developed our own PQQ product using the highest grade PQQ available -- BioB=PQQ.

MycoMIND™ contains 20 mg of BioPQQ -- the researched effective dose -- and combined with Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, it's the brain cell optimizer and mitochondria booster you need to support a healthy mind and the foundation of all higher cognitive function.

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