The 6 Most Cost Effective Biohacks

The 6 Most Cost Effective Biohacks

Biohacking is not reserved for the enormously wealthy.

It's for anyone who wants to increase their health and quality of life.

While much of the biohacking technology may appear to only be within the grasp of the super-rich, anti-aging Silicon Valley crowd, many of the best health promoting strategies are free.

We mere mortals don't have to spend our Whole Paycheck on biohacking toys to optimize our lives.

Today, biohacking expert Todd Shipman shares the most cost effective biohacks that you can implement immediately - many of them for free.

Todd Shipman is an ultra-endurance runner, biohacker, Bulletproof Coach, husband and father.

Men's Health recently followed him around to document a day in his life to find out how he balances family life, work, and optimization through biohacking.

I spent a day with Todd in San Francisco swimming in the chilly waters beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, climbing trees barefoot, eating bone marrow and looking for the most cost effective ways for us to optimize our lives.

Todd shared his top "bang for your buck" biohacks that will help you upgrade your life with immediate impact, and massive long term health benefits - the first 3 can be done anywhere and anytime with little to no financial investment.

1. Breathing: This can be Wim Hof, box breathing, or simply realizing that you're holding your breathe when you unlock your door.

2. Cold Exposure: Go outside (depends on geography and season), take a cold shower, use cryotherapy or dunk your face in a bowl of ice water.

3. Go barefoot: Take off your shoes, connect with the Earth, move naturally, and exposure your skin (more than just your feet) to the sun.

Each of these can be done for free and almost anywhere at anytime.

As Todd says, "You'll notice improved sleep and experience better energy right away." 

Once you're using these free biohacks, here are the most cost-effective biohacks according to Todd:

4. Red Light Therapy: Infrared light and light in the red spectrum has been shown improve metabolic function, boost mitochondrial health, speed skin and wound healing, and aid in detoxification. Like Todd, you can get your red light therapy from a sauna or a "done for you" light kit.

5. HRV: Heart Rate Variability, or the time between heart beats, gives us data on how much time we're spending in the parasympathetic state, which can help us increase recovery and reduce stress.

6. Neurofeedback: Explained here, neurofeedback is training for our brain. It uses bio-feedback provided directly to the brain to help pattern brain wave profiles that are more conducive to the brain performance and focus we seek. 

Listen to the whole interview to find out why Big Pharma shut down the use of neurofeedback for treatment of PTSD and seizures along with:

  • Why Men's Health chose Todd for their "A Day In The Life of Biohacker" feature
  • Is The AHA a terrorist organization?
  • Spreading our message without turning people off like we're door-to-door evangelists.
  • Horizontal Hatred: Stop the in-fighting within our health niches and promote better living to people currently outside the health community
  • The importance of celebrating every small victory along the journey
  • and much more...

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