63 Lessons For Life, Health, Business and Success

63 Lessons For Life, Health, Business and Success

There's a saying that "success leaves footprints."

Other times, successful people actually press pause on their high performance lives long enough to actually share some of the practices that fuel their success.

Last weekend was one of those instances.

Success Magazine put on an event dubbed Success Live that featured some of the most powerful and forward thinking people in the world - people like Peter Diamandis, Jocko Willinck, Dr. Daniel Amen, Tom Bilyeu, Brendon Burchard, and Mel Robbins…just to name a few.

I took notes like a mad-man and I’m going to share with you a few key bullet points from each speaker.

Then, we’ll dive a little deeper on 5-6 key themes that were repeated by several high performers.

Ready? Let’s do this…


Brendon Burchard  

Brendon is the host of the Charged Life Podcast, author of the Motivation Manifesto, and is world’s #1 high performance coach.
  • Common sense is not always common practice.
  • High performers aren't different. They do the work. Remarkable, unremarkable with remarkable consistency quote.
  • People don't get success. PRACTICES get success. It's not YOU, it's what you do. We ALL have these biology, we all have these feelings and this wiring...
  • Peak performance (not sustainable) versus high performance (sustainable).

Simon Bailey

Simon is a former big wig at Disney, speaker, and now is part of the Success Magazine team.
  • CIC: Comparison Inferiority Complex
  • It's not who you are that holds you back. It's Who you think you're not.
  • Brilliance is best cultivated in Environments that celebrate you, not tolerate you.
  • Blind spots leave you vulnerable

Mel Robbins

Author of The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins was the most book female speaker last year.

  • "Feeling doubt is normal. Listening to it is a choice.”
  • If your problem can be solved with action, you don’t have a problem
  • Confidence is decision to try. Self doubt is decision not to.
  • 4 Traps of Self Doubt
    • Hesitate (uncertainty, overthinking, wanting work to be perfect)
    • Hiding (quiet)
    • Hyper critical (triggered by past failures, focus on why you can't, has an edge)
    • Helplessness
  • You have 5 seconds to take action before your self-doubt stops you. 5 second rule. 54321, GO! You must count backwards.

Les Brown

  • Social contribution. What will be different because you were here?
  • People that are hungry are relentless. Stay hungry. Be relentless

John Gray

  • Success is a tool to lift up others: What you've been entrusted with is yours to steward and share.
  • What can we make happen for others
  • What will be your legacy? Who will be impacted because you were here?
  • A light shines brightest in a dark room. "The darker the room, the brighter a light shines." Be that light

Jocko Willinck

  • Discipline = Freedom. 
  • From his book: leading UP the chain of command is perhaps more important that leading down…if you’re not at the top of your organization, read Extreme Ownership.
  • Take 100% responsibility for your actions and choices. Ownership

Tom Bilyeu

Tom has been on the OPP twice: 7 Ways To Ignite Your Potential and Modius: Groundbreaking Fat Reduction Technology Created By Neuroscientists

  • Develop mindset. Develop your passion (you don’t find it). Develop grit.
  • Decide that you can get good at anything
  • Beliefs are decisions
  • Ideas in = ideas out (II = IO)
  • Be eternal student
  • Take immediate action
  • Be so good they can't ignore you.
  • Be anti fragile
  • Develop grit (struggle is guaranteed, success is not) (push through boredom and suffering)
  • FIND (DEVELOP) a passion. Time plus mastery = passion.

Micheal Bernoff

  • The world is trained to be average:
  • The wall we hit is our "average"
  • Use the imaginary Outside consultant strategy:
    • What would they honestly say? "Good but capable of more. Plays small"
    • What was my original reason for starting out? It's ok if it changes.
    • Current situation is probably a solution to previous problem. Imagine that is behind you. What now???? What would you make your life about? Must get deliberate about creating this.

Dean Graziosi

  • In marketing, treat leads, prospects, and customers like your own children
  • Talk to people on their level, not yours

Todd Davis

  • Perspective. Wear glasses that fit
  • Challenge opinions and shift paradigms
  • Be real. Be genuine. Share your mistakes. Don't try to look perfect. (Start with humility)

Peter Voogd

  • Let vision guide you. Not circumstances.
  • Complexity is the enemy of execution.
  • Mastery, not overload. (Lack of information is NOT the problem for most people.)
  • Execution more than information.

Keith Farrazi

  • People are the key to success
  • Can’t do it alone: Build YOUR Team

Charlene Johnson

  • Delegate everything that is not your true genius
  • Bono sings - he does not sell concessions, set up seating, or build the stage

Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis is a pioneer innovation. He's the Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE foundation and a co-founder of Singularity University among many other things.

  • The only constant is change. And the rate of change is accelerating  
  • More brains online. 100% of the population (8 Billion) will be online by 2022-2025
  • Future is Online
  • More interface moments: Next interface moment: AI.
  • Ask better questions.
  • Take moonshots. Have to have environment where you can feel safe doing this.

Scooter Braun 

Scooter Braun manages Kanye West, Ariana Grande, and some of the biggest names in music. He’s the person responsible for the Hand To Hand event to help the people in Houston and across Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

  • Include humanity in everything you do.
  • If you give people a chance to do the right thing, they usually will.

Dr. Daniel Amen 

Dr. Daniel Amen is a leading speaker, author, neuroscientist and brain researcher. 

  • 80% of ex-NFL players got better with program
  • "High sugar foods and foods that turn into sugar accelerate memory loss.”
  • Almost all risk factors are preventable or treatable. (BRIGHT MINDS)
  • 85 or older, 50% risk of Alzheimer’s
  • 60% of people will have mental health disorder at some point.
  • Exercise and fish oil both EQUALLY EFFECTIVELY as anti-depressants


Many of the people I spoke with remarked at the different approaches of all these leaders. Let that be a lesson in it self: there is always more than 1 way to skin a cat. Be unique. Be yourself. But follow for the principles of success that I’m about to repeat for you...

But rather than focus on HOW they’re different, I like to look at the few crucial things that ALL of of them share in common.

If multiple successful people say, live, or value the same concept, it’s likely a place we should direct our focus and energy. Here are the common themes from this weekend:

My takeaways from Success LIVE event

  • Be Unique - your truth, your path, and your passion for your purpose/calling, your intention and/alignment is uniquely yours and must be met if you're to be happy/fulfilled. Don’t try to be someone else. Your success and ultimately your happiness depends on you pursuing and fulfilling your true calling. Your authentic self.
  • The world needs you to be a leader. Lead. Lead by example. Do it, live it, embody it and people will get in line to follow your action.
  • Discipline is freedom. In this social media world, when you see "fun" it's because the hard work has been done. Multiple people talked about the power of handling your shit, then being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. None summarized it a succinctly as Jocko.
  • Social contribution. More powerful than cancer. Use "success" to better the world. Make an impact. Make a difference.
  • Complexity is the enemy of execution. 
  • Identify and remove blind spots.
  • Be an action-focused person. I’ve always preached ACTIONS not OUTCOMES. All of these speakers focus on taking massive action.

Ready for a challenge?

Implement something from this podcast episode TODAY. Don’t wait until tomorrow - take action today. Let us know what that ONE thing is on social media. Share the show, tag @naturalstacks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and list the one thing you’re taking action on today.

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