Boost Focus Immediately with Music (Backed by Neuroscience)

Boost Focus Immediately with Music (Backed by Neuroscience)

Still listening to Pandora or Spotify while working?

If you answered yes, it's time for an upgrade.

Backed by neuroscience and 13 years of music creation, Brainfm's co-founders have created music that noticeably - and measurably - improves focus, reduces stress, or promotes sleep within 10 minutes.


"The creator of binaural beats said they don't work - but nobody actually reads the study!" - Adam Hewett, Co-Founder Brainfm
Brainfm is specially designed music that improves focus, relaxation and sleep within 10 minutes. 
Co-founders Junaid Kalmadi and Adam Hewett join us on Episode 38 of the Optimal Performance Podcast to discuss the science behind music's impact on the brain, neurofeedback training, wearable technology, and brain training.
This is a long podcast - because it's PACKED with great information. Adam and Junaid were amazing guests. We considered making this 2 shorter episodes, but ultimately it didn't make sense to split this into 2 weeks of episodes.

What You'll Learn About Brain FM, binaural beats, and hacking performance with music in this episode:

  • Brain fm = music to help your brain focus, relax, or sleep
  • The rules music must follow to increase cognitive performance
  • "Binaural beats are not effective at improving mental performance"
  • Brain waves and flow states
  • New paper from MIT: there is a part of our brain with neurons dedicated to music and speech
  • How brainfm is advancing binaural beats technology to help increase performance, focus, relaxation, and sleep
  • How the brainfm team puts themselves into the flow state
  • Longecity forums, Abelard Lindsey, CILTEP and the possibility of EEG trials combining CILTEP and brainfm
  • Brain training, Neuro-feedback technology, brain games, and increasing your intelligence
  • When to use relaxed focus vs. intense focus
  • Using brainfm for physical performance, recovery, and sleep
  • How to boost slow wave sleep by 20-30% every night with brainfm's sleep waves
  • Brainfm's RELAX music passively improves HRV (faster physical recovery)
  • Special 20% OFF coupon for Optimal Performance Podcast listeners
  • EEG's and what you need to know about popular wearable 
  • Get more from Adam and Junaid at brainfm
  • Brain fm = "Audio Adderall" + 3 More Tips To #LiveOptimal


    Links & Resources

    Brain FM Website <-- This is the link BrainFM set up for the special 20% off discount. They've had some issues with it due to high traffic volumes on their site and they're trying to sort it out. 

    Binaural Beats Don't Work - The Original Paper from creator Gerald Oster

    Brain HQ

    MIT/NY Times Article: "New Ways Into The Brain's 'Music Room'"

    Flow Genome Project & Flow Fundamentals

    Brain Waves Improve HRV Paper 

    EEG Studies & more research on Brainfm

    Sleep Mask Audio 

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