What Are Nootrobox Chewable Coffee Go Cubes?

What Are Nootrobox Chewable Coffee Go Cubes?

"The future of coffee is here."

That's what the folks at Nootrobox are saying about their new chewable coffee "Go Cubes".

What are Nootrobox Go Cubes?

Marketed as portable, chewable coffee snacks, these Go Cubes are small gummy-bear-like squares of brewed coffee that contain added B-Vitamins and L-Theanine for an extra cognitive boost.

A cross between nootropics, coffee, and portable snacks, the Go Cubes are an interesting concept.

What's In Nootrobox Go Cubes?

Cold brew coffee fans will rejoice.

Go Cubes start with cold brew coffee as their base.

The caffeine content in these portable snacks comes from the "premium coffee brewed by expert baristas."

So far, Nootrobox has announced three flavors: mocha, straight coffee, and latte.

Vitamins B-6 and methylated B-12 have been added to provide "enhanced focus and clarity."

They've also added the amino acid L-Theanine, well known to combine synergistically with caffeine to increase focus, cognition, and mental alertness.

While the concept and focus ingredients are intriguing, we're curious to see what the full ingredient list looks like, and find out how they taste.

[UPDATE] The Nootrobox Go Cubes ingredients have now been released:

We're disappointed with the extremely high sugar content in these. For us, this is a deal-breaker. It's a shame that such a great idea was ruined by artificial flavors (the coffee) and added sugars.

The Future Of Coffee?

The portable, edible nootropic concept of these Go Cubes is cool. We like the idea of "portable" coffee that goes in your pocket. But we also like drinking our coffee.

Our solution... keep drinking delicious coffee and get our cognitive boost from CILTEP or Smart Caffeine.

On travel days or times when coffee isn't a viable option, we get our nootropic boost from Smart Caffeine.

With Smart Caffeine you get a precisely measured dose of caffeine plus L-Theanine that fits in any pocket, bookbag, purse or briefcase, that delivers increased focus and alertness, smooth energy without the jitters and none of the sleep disruption from coffee.

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