Can Psychedelics Boost Cognition?

Can Psychedelics Boost Cognition?

Over 550 floats in 4 different decades...

Dozens of plant-guided psychedelic explorations and trips...

With over 30 years of floating, ayahuasca ceremonies, LSD, and psilocybin explorations, Kevin Johnson has a lot to share with us on this week's Optimal Performance Podcast.


The owner of Zero Gravity Institute float center, Kevin sat down with us for a mind-expanding episode of the OPP that fascinates, educates, and enlightens.

Psychedelics like ayahuasca, DMT, LSD, and psilocybin are experiencing a revival of late, and we have wanted for some time to secure a guest who could share informed insights on this topic for us... Kevin did not disappoint.

In fact, this is our second consecutive podcast than runs for more than 60 minutes. Typically I try to keep these in the 30-40 minute range, but Kevin's information and insights were too good to stop.


What You'll Learn About float tanks and psychedelic exploration in this episode:

  • Float ROOMS - float tanks big enough to stand in PLUS how Kevin and his partners are removing harsh chemicals like chlorine and bromine from float tanks
  • 9 hour floats, who's floating and what trends we can expect for the future of floating

"Floating is my favorite psychedelic. It's safe, legal, and more accessible." - @floatmasterkev

    • Plant-guided meditations and what we can learn from ingesting messenger compounds like ayahuasca, DMT, psylicibin
    • "People feel stuck in modern life. Modern modalities are coming up short and there is a revival toward plant-based compounds, floating and other tools for achieving balance, and health optimization.
    • Ayahuasca ceremonies, smoking DMT and why Kevin says the endogenous compound DMT may be a crucial element of optimal health and wellbeing
    • How to mix psychedelics with floating
    • "The #1 reason to experiment with these tools: To experiencing yourself as pure consciousness. Understanding that you are a higher vibrational being that is muted when stuffed into our meat body..."
    • The powerful feminine entity common to DMT and ayahuasca experiences, understanding the nature of the space that we're in and expanding perception and experiencing things that once existed only on the periphery
    • Float tanks impact on endorphins, neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and the sleep hormone melatonin

    4 Areas of Benefits From Floating:

    1. Stress reduction & relaxation
    2. Physical restoration and rejuvenation
    3. Cognitive ability and creativity
    4. Altered states and heightened meditations
    • Kevin's exciting plans for a ceremonial retreat surrounded by a grass-fed ranch for a holistic facility complete with field-to-table experience
    • Tips to get the most out of your floating experiences and Kevin's MUST-HEAR advice before you experiment with ingestible messenger compounds or other modalities
    • Get more from Kevin and Zero Gravity Institute
    • Kevin Johnson's Top 3 tips to #LiveOptimal

    "Think of psychedelics as ingestible messenger compounds that help us experience ourselves as pure consciousness. Understand that you are a higher vibrational being that is muted when stuffed into our meat body. These journeys free us of those limitations" - @floatmasterkev

    Links & Resources

    Zero Gravity Institute

    Zero Gravity Institute on Social Media:

    Kevin's Twitter for questions and conversations about exploring altered states: @floatmasterkev

    Multiverse Theory


    Heffter Institute

    DMT Expert Rick Strassman 

    Laureate Institute in Oklahoma 

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