Anti-Aging Experts: Live Longer by Reducing Cellular Turnover Rate

Anti-Aging Experts: Live Longer by Reducing Cellular Turnover Rate

Dr. Bill Andrews plans to cure aging or die trying.

Rachael D'Aguiar is changing how the skin care industry addresses aging.

Together, they're making amazing progress in their pursuits to help us look better, feel younger, and live longer. 

Anti-Aging Experts on Skin Care and How To Increase Longevity

Here's what you need to know - aging occurs when cells turnover, or replicate.

For a review of aging, telomeres, and how you can protect telomere length, check out Dr. Bill Andrews on episode #41 of the OPP here: 3 Ways Anti-Aging Scientists are Increasing Lifespan

Dr. Bill Andrews uses the analogy of tickets for carnival rides. Every time our cells replicate, we turn in a ticket. When we run out of tickets, there is no more cellular replication and we die.

The cure for aging then, lies in never running out of tickets. Since we cannot buy more of them, me must protect the length of our telomeres - for now by preventing shortening, but hopefully in the future by actually lengthening them.

The secret to slowing - even reversing aging - then, lies in lifestyle habits that do not accelerate cellular turnover as well as supplements and compounds that protect or increase telomere length - things like decreasing oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, and slowing cellular damage/turnover. (Hint: They both take Krill Oil and Curcumin everyday.)

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Here's more of what you'll learn from these anti-aging scientists in this episode of the OPP:

  • What you need to know about telomeres and telomerase
  • Lifestyle habits, dietary protocols and supplements that speed up and slow down aging
  • Why most "anti-aging" skin care treatments actually accelerate aging
  • "Should we exfoliate?"
  • Anti-aging is NOT a visual thing - it's a cellular issue
  • Why stem cell therapies aren't a great as you think...
  • Other applications (HINT: wound healing)
  • How you can test this for yourself at home
  • Anti-aging eye drops - preventing and reversing macular degeneration
  • How these anti-aging experts reduce inflammation and oxidative stress low in their daily routines
  • Where you can find more of Dr. Bill Andrews and Raechel D'Gar
  • Rachel's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

"Most 'anti-aging' skin care products actually accelerate aging because they increase cellular turnover."

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