How To Design Your Own Life, and Increase Resiliency with Luke Storey

How To Design Your Own Life, and Increase Resiliency with Luke Storey

The story of Luke Storey is far from your usual…well, story.

After moving out to Hollywood at 19 to live out the rockstar fantasy, Luke was ready to crash and burn by 26.  

He transitioned to celebrity fashion stylist with great success for over 15 years, even launching the School Of Style.

Raised by health conscious parents, Luke was always took his health seriously even at his most self destructive points. His most chapter in life had led him to become a high-level biohacker constantly in pursuit of ways to live optimal - including hosting his own podcast, the Life Stylist Podcast

In this killer episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast, Luke and Ryan touch on a handful of topics including cold thermogenesis, water and light quality, stem cell procedures and more. 


What You'll Learn From Luke Storey on the OPP:

  • Rubbing Elbows With Fashion and Entertainment Celebrities
  • Creating the School of Style
  • How health is born of necessity
  • From Obsessed on Self Destruction to Obsessed as Feeling as Great as I Possibly Can
  • How sleeping on a ice blanket improves sleep
  • Getting optimized with PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy and the Delta Sleeper
  • Femur stem cell transplants - and why that therapy might NOT be all we think it is...
  • Biohacking with Plasma Therapies
  • How to create your own ice machine for ice baths on demand
  • Ice baths and their impact on muscle growth - should we use ice baths immediately after training?
  • Setting your daily intention
  • Inoculating stress and increasing stress resiliency
  • Fat burning tips and secrets
  • Goal Dependent - The power of asking "WHY AM I DOING THIS?"
  • How to design and set up your ultimate biohacker's home
  • Where you can find more of Luke Storey
  • Luke's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal


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The study supporting Rhonda Patrick's thoughts on cold water exposure: "Post-exercise cold water immersion attenuates acute anabolic signalling and long-term adaptations in muscle to strength training."


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