Cardio, Energy Systems, and Fitness Myths with Celebrity Trainer Ted Ryce

Cardio, Energy Systems, and Fitness Myths with Celebrity Trainer Ted Ryce

Re-Framing Tragedies, Energy Systems, and Fitness Truths with Celebrity Trainer Ted Ryce

Tragedy is something Ted Ryce knows all to well.

But he refuses to let that define him.

Instead he applies the lessons from his personal journey to his coaching - something he calls "forced empathy" - to be a better coach and better leader.

Ted is incredibly knowledgable and articulate. This episode is gut-wrenching, inspirational, and packed with actionable workout and fitness information that you've never heard before.

You'll definitely want to listen before you hit the treadmill again!

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Ted also shares his best tips for stress, performing a "sleep hygeine" assessment on yourself, and we talk about the different energy our bodies use - and what each means for your fitness routine.

And you know I had to ask him what lessons he learned from coaching billionaire CEOs and celebrities like Sir Richard Branson and Robert Downey Jr.

Enjoy this episode of the OPP and leave a comment below. We love your feedback.

Must-Hear Fitness Tips From Ted Ryce on the OPP:

  • How our experiences present opportunities to help others - "forced empathy"
  • Reframing tragedies, handling stress, and giving ourselves tool to reduce stress and improve mental and emotional health
  • Why I love the Alcoholic's Anonymous prayer and how it can help almost anyone
  • Lessons Ted learned from Richard Branson, Robert Downey, Jr and other high performers
  • Why you need to surround yourself with a team who can make you better
  • Why Ted says the maxim "it's 80% nutrition" is 100% BS
  • Aerobic training increases heart's stroke volume, lowers resting heart rate, improves HRV and promotes mitochondrial growth and lowers stress
  • Explaining the body's 3 energy systems and examples of exercises that utilize each energy pathway
  • How to perform cardio with weight - you've never heard this before!
  • New ways to exercise: HICT vs HIIT. Can't wait to try these!
  • How to set up your workouts to fit into even the busiest schedule
  • Ted gives us some cool workouts to try
  • The relationship between 3 of the most crucial variables in any fitness program: volume, intensity, and frequency
  • The single best way to reduce stress
  • Where you can find more of Ted Ryce
  • Ted's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal


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