Cancer as a Metabolic, Mitochondrial Disease


Is Cancer a Metabolic (Mitochondrial) Disease?

Our guest on the OPP today, Dr. Thomas Seyfried says it is.

Dr. Thomas Seyfried is a leading cancer researcher, Biology professor at Boston College and author of the book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. His work focuses on epigenetic and metabolic nutritional therapies for neurological and mitochondrial diseases.  

According to Dr. Seyfried, cancer is a mitochondrial metabolic disease. His Press-Pulse protocol of ketosis, fasting, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) created with colleague Dominic D’Agostino is producing amazing results in animals, dogs, and people.

On today's show, we explore:

  • Why Dr. Seyfried thinks genetic tests are a waste of time & money
  • Why neuroinflammation should scare you (Hint: it's linked to almost every major disease)
  • How cancer could be single disease with a single cause, and a single cure
  • Why calories restriction - and fasting - signals our healthy cells to improve themselves
  • How ketosis starves cancer cells and helps heal the body
  • Why protecting our mitochondria may be our best method to reduce our risk of cancer
  • How Dr. Seyfried and Dominic D'Agostino linked up to create the Press-Pulse method of starving cancer with ketosis, then destroying it with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT)
  • The frustrating truth about why the scientific and medical communities are not rushing to fund studies and implement these treatment protocols

Dr. Seyfried is a brilliant man who is asking the right questions and taking great strides to advance our understanding of cancer and health in general. You'll hear and see more of Dr. Seyfried's Press-Pulse anticancer treatments in the book Tripping Over The Truth and the forthcoming Dog and Cancer Series.

We're honored to have him on the OPP, and excited to share this information with you.

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