Why You Need to Rewire Your Morning Routine

Why You Need to Rewire Your Morning Routine

 Why Your Morning Routine Isn't Working

"When we sleep, we switch off. Logically, our waking up routine should be designed to switch us on." - Andy Murphy

Andy points out that most morning routines do a terrific job of wiping the slate clean, and opening new neural pathways.

However, the problem with these morning routines is that they fail to close the neural loop that is opened.

Andy coaches his high performers to close that neural loop by setting an intention for the day while in that "present and blank slate" state.

Who is Andy Murphy?

Andy Murphy is the world's leading high pressure performance coach.

The founder of Mindset By Design, he works with 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs to help them crystalize their visions and bring them into reality.

Andy is a master ar reverse engineering the leaders of today and delivering actionable strategies to help others replicate their success.

According to Andy, your morning routine is the best place to start.

Here is Andy's Morning Re-Wire Routine.

1. Start your day with this question.

"What thought or emotion am I feeling right now?"

This question serves as a pattern disrupt and increases awareness. It forces you to acknowledge the status of your default operating system. This is a prerequisite for being able to direct your mindset in the direction you want.

2. Clear the slate

Once you're aware of your operating system's status, you can wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a practice that creates presence.

You can tailor this section to match your own preferences, but things like mediation, yoga, or breathing exercises are solid choices.

According to Andy, they create a trance-like state, a blank slate if you will.

They help up break free of any pre-existing emotions or belief systems.

But many people stop there. And that's the problem - because they're not directing that blank slate in the direction they want their day to go...which brings us to Step #3

3. Close The Neural Loop and Direct Your Day

The first 2 steps have opened a new neural loop, and now Step 3 is where we close that loop and direct our focus for the day.

Andy suggests using this phrase: "Something amazing that will happen today is. ___"

By filling in this blank and making this statement, you're creating the expectation that something amazing will happen today.

Right away, your thoughts about what the day will bring are considerably different than - for example, someone who wakes up, check email and has their day high-jacked by the fires in their inbox that need to be put out. 

4. Filter What You'll Experience

By starting fresh and creating your own desirable outcome for the day, you'll filter the way you experience and move through the world.

Andy further suggests creating an Alter Ego Avatar and using Connor McGregor thinking to help ensure that your performance matches your stated goals.

To learn more about those, you'll have to listen to the whole podcast:

See the video here:

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