CVAC: The Ultimate Recovery and Wellness Tool You've Never Heard Of

CVAC: The Ultimate Recovery and Wellness Tool You've Never Heard Of
Sensory deprivation tanks have gained in popularity over the last several years as a tool for athletes to visualize future sports performance, recover from physical exercise, or simply unplug from the noise of the busy world we live in and introspect.

While the sensory deprivation tank (commonly known as a float tank) is an amazing tool for improving well-being and recovering from exercise, there's a new player on the market that might improve performance, health, and longevity on an unparalleled level.

It's an adaptive conditioning methodology called the Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™ (CVAC™) Process™ and it was designed to stimulate your body's mitochondria and rid the body of metabolic byproducts known as advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) -- compounds that have been implicated in the onset of many diseases associated with the aging process.

Today's guest is Allen Ruszkowski, a seasoned MRI technology engineer and serial startup founder, turned biohacker and healthcare innovator. Allen is the president and CEO of the company CVAC Systems Inc. and in this episode of the OPP we talk all about boosting mitochondria function and how we can best stimulate these energizing cellular powerhouses to improve performance, health, and much more.  

Stimulate Your Mitochondria To Boost Recovery, Improve Health and Increase Longevity

Mitochondria are used by your body to make ATP energy, but it has recently been shown that mitochondria also make AGE waste products. On the one hand, increasing mitochondrial biogenesis is key in increasing the body's ability to harness ATP energy. On the other hand, increased mitochondrial activity can produce AGE cellular debris. 

This is where the CVAC Process comes in.

Just like exercise, CVAC stimulates mitochondrial activity and metabolism, but likely more effective than other forms of exercise, it can also stimulate the lymphatic and glymphatic systems that help flush out these metabolic waste products without producing the waste products at an accelerated rate like in other forms of exercise.

The dynamic pressure changes within a CVAC Session evoke adaptations within the body that collectively stimulate your mitochondria, increase waste disposal, and influence oxygen utilization to make your body better able to adapt to different environments and improve performance.

Listen to the conversation now to learn why CVAC may be the ultimate recovery and conditioning tool - not just for physical performance, but for your overall health and longevity too.

What You'll Learn From Allen in this episode:

  • How CVAC compares to exercise in mitochondrial stimulation
  • AGE's and mitochondria exclusion zones
  • Recovery = the real anti-aging secret + top recovery strategies
  • How CVAC compares to blood doping (you'll be shocked)
  • How mitochondrial biogenesis increases brain function
  • How to find a center offering CVAC Sessions near you
  • The reason why elite athletes achieve averaged 5.2% increase in VO2 max.
  • Why living high and training low is a recipe for optimal performance
  • How mitochondria are linked to Type 2 Diabetes and what the CVAC studies have demonstrated (amazing results!)
  • Where you can find more of Allen and/or CVAC 
  • Allen's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal 

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