Tait Fletcher on Depression, Balancing Highs & Lows, and Living A Meaningful Life

Tait Fletcher on Depression, Balancing Highs & Lows, and Living A Meaningful Life

He's six foot four, bald, and has a grizzled pirate beard.

He's also a savage opponent on the mat and drinks coffee like its water, but behind this menacing visage is a deeply philosophical individual who is on a mission to master the art of living.

And he wants to help us do the same.

Today's guest is Tait Fletcher and he has somewhat of an enigmatic history.

He's a fighter. An actor. A stuntman. A business owner. A speaker. 

He's experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows in life; morally, financially, spiritually, and mentally.

I have to tell you, in today's episode we go deep, and for those familiar, it's likely that you'll see a side of Tait you haven't seen before.

"Don't make a permanent solution out of a temporary problem."

One of the core ideas we touch on in this episode is that feelings aren't facts.

We all experience ebbs and flows in life, the waves of difficulty and ease, facing insurmountable obstacles, then either being thwarted by them or overcoming them. While it can be hard in the moment, if you wait it out and push through those moments of adversity, realizing they are only transient and temporary, your whole perspective can change.

Understanding how your feelings and emotions influence your decision-making in life is a skill, and learning how to navigate the dichotomy of ego and self, as well as emotion and reason, is critical in your development as a person. It plays a huge role in how you will ultimately make your greatest contributions in your life.

Tait shares so many personal stories of finding his purpose, dealing with depression and adversity, and how he learned to cultivate such a deep-seated sense of discipline.

We also talk about how to navigate the dichotomy of the ego and the self, and join heads to define the key parameters that apply to all humans who endeavor to find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.  

What You Will Learn from Tait Fletcher on the OPP #100:

  • How to train your mind and own your actions
  • How to master the dichotomy of self and ego
  • What to do when you get stuck in your feelings
  • Why 90% of decisions are based on feelings, not intellect
  • Life's greatest rewards are rarely easy
  • How to cultivate inner peace to prepare for the storm
  • The power of purpose, presence, and intent
  • Why you should put service first
  • Dealing with depression - even suicidal feelings
  • Demand that you really live - honor this responsibility to your own soul
  • How can we ensure that we vibrate at higher levels every day
  • Remove the obstacles in the way of being useful to others...

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