5 Reasons You're Failing To Reach Your Goals

5 Reasons You're Failing To Reach Your Goals

"I'm a big fan of accountability" - Logan Gelbrich

I would expect such a statement from a man who's favorite hashtag - and life code - is #HoldTheStandard

We gave you an introduction to Logan Gelbrich on the Bulletproof Conference Hot Seat episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast. In that episode, I promised you a full dose of Logan...well, here it is.

Get ready for an episode that will put you on notice - notice that YOU are responsible for your own mindset, attitude, community, growth, and success.

The question is...

What standard are you holding?

Meet Logan Gelbrich

Logan is a busy man. He's the man behind Deuce Gym, Original Nutritionals, Crossfit Strongman, he just competed at the Strongman National Championships, he's writing a book and he's simply an all-around badass human being.

During my recent trip to LA to meet with Dr. Andrew Hill at Peak Brain Institute (2-min video re-capping the trip), I caught up with Logan just before his annual trip to Fiji.

**Side note: On that trip Logan proposed to his now fiancee Lindsey Matthews, creator of BirthFit. She said Yes! Huge congratulations to these about a #PowerCouple.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who push you to grow and evolve is a common narrative for Optimizers like us (and the OPP in general).

Deuce Gym is perhaps the most tangible example of this mindset and community that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

This is one reason I refuse to visit Los Angeles without stopping by Deuce Gym. Not just for a workout - that's a bonus if I can get it in - but the community is unparalleled, and that's one of the topics we explore on this podcast.

Here's proof that, yes bro, I do lift. And I lift at Deuce Gym when I'm in LA.

5 Reasons We Fall Short of Our Goals

I know you're counting, so here are the 5 reasons we fall short of our goals. I could explain these for you here, but then you wouldn't listen to Logan on the podcast... 

  1. Accountability
  2. You Never Move Beyond The Whiteboard Stage
  3. You Have a Fixed Mindset
  4. You're Too Fragile
  5. Community

Listen to the Optimal Performance Podcast on-the-go:



What you'll hear from Logan Gelbrich on the OPP:

  • A real-life example of holding the standard
  • Why accountability is an underrated quality
  • Like Recognizes Like
  • Getting past the "whiteboard phase"
  • Remarkable people do unremarkable things with remarkable consistency
  • Weight loss - and fitness - are about something more..."nobody ever says, 'I want to change my relationship with gravity'"
  • Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
  • Logan's morning routine
  • Possibly the best public speaking tip you'll ever hear
  • Planning for chaos and how to capitalize on it
  • What is a Teal Organization?
  • Why the decentralization of command is crucial for the growth and development of teams/organizations
  • How putting people on notice can help you create the culture you want
  • Where you can find more of Logan & Deuce GYm
  • Logan Gelbrich's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

Watch the Video Version:

Links & Resources

Deuce Gym Website

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Deuce Gym on Instagram

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