5 Reasons Successful People Are Using Smart Drugs

5 Reasons Successful People Are Using Smart Drugs

Smart drugs, or “nootropics,” are brain enhancing supplements. They improve cognitive function like memory, learning, motivation and focus. Some people say that nootropics make them a better, more complete version of themselves.

So who’s using them?

Some groups benefiting the most from their use include; engineers, stock traders, data scientists, PhD students, and medical doctors.

I’ll cover 5 reasons why they’ve become so popular with these people.


1. Clear Brain Fog And Stay Sharp All Day Long

Brain fog… we’ve all experienced it.

It’s that feeling when you’re just out of it, almost totally disengaged from your work. You might come in to the office or sit down at your desk ready to go, except you just can’t bring yourself around to start the task.

Usually you’ll try something like grabbing another cup of coffee or an energy drink, but this doesn’t work. It’s not an energy problem… it’s brain fog.

So instead of using a stimulant caffeine that affects the central nervous system (and makes you jittery), top performers are using nootropics to think more clearly throughout the day. 

“When I use nootropics, I’m alert and engaged, except calm at the same time. I’m not nervous or excited, just focused and ready to work.” - Joshua Gatewood, Mass Conversions


2. Eliminate Distractions With Unbreakable Concentration

Sometimes you’ll start working on a project and then all of a sudden stop to think about something else like:

What’s for lunch?
Did you order that thing from Amazon?
Do you think you’ll get another date with Stacy?

I like to call this mental sabotage. Your brain will always try to take the easy way out! 

Nootropics are used by the world’s most productive professionals to curb these types of intrusive thoughts and make staying focused on the task at hand very easy.


3. Effortlessly Achieve Creative Flow States

Have you ever had a day when you seemed to be able to effortlessly pull great ideas out of nowhere? In the creative world, we call this Flow — the mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in a task — which is a strong contributor to creativity.

If you’re like me, this probably happens to you pretty rarely. But it’s actually possible to optimize and temporarily rewire our brains to “force” your mind to think creatively like never before.

Some of the most successful creative thinkers have started using Nootropics to tap into these Flow States.


4. Remember More, Forget Less


Even though I’m only 29, I feel like there’s still things that I forget on a daily basis. The worst happened two years ago. I was at a client meeting and we all went out for drinks and appetizers afterwards. It turned out that my client’s wife who I had met many times came up to me, said hi and in front of everyone I completely blanked on her name. I was embarrassed. It was a time to shine and I did not. The business relationship was never the same after that.

Short-term memory and long-term memory were never issues that previous generations had to worry about at our age. Why? They didn’t have as many inputs.

Just think about all of the types of technology that you interact with on a daily basis. Even if it’s just a phone and computer, think of all of the apps and inputs you have in your life. The facebook feed alone is overwhelming!

Nootropics once a day are the EASIEST way to retain more information.


5. Increased Motivation That Can’t Be Ignored

I remember when my first startup collapsed. We had pre-sold the software product to a few customers and were ready to go-live with demos. Then only a few hours before, the freelance developer that I had hired went AWOL with all of the code and all of my money.

It was one of the lowest times in my life. Honestly, I did not think that I would ever recover from that event. 

But it was at this time that I started biohacking aka experimenting with my body and mind through things like diet, supplements, and routine. And like thousands of other entrepreneurs and smart professionals, nootropics have played a huge role in turning my life around by shifting my mindset into a "get shit done" mode.


Ready to get more from your brain?

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