Guide to Gut Health: How To Fix Your Gut

Guide to Gut Health: How To Fix Your Gut

"All disease begins in the gut" - Hippocrates

As an extension of Hippocrate's declaration, optimal health also begins in our gut.

John Brisson and Jason Hooper are microbiome experts.

Together, they run the gut-friendly website Fix Your Gut and this week, they're sharing their extraordinary wealth of digestive system knowledge with us on the OPP so we can, well..what else - fix our gut!

Fair Warning...

Here's your warning...this podcast is the longest episode we've published.

Why so long?

A few reasons...multiple guests with broad ranges of scientific knowledge, important subject matter, sometimes difficult subject matter that needs to be broken down...

Don't let that scare you away.

It's FULL of useful, actionable information that anyone who eats food should listen to.

The good, the conditional, and the appalling foods

As you'll hear on this episode, each of our gut microbiomes is unique - and all can change from one meal to the next.

Given this individuality, there are few "blanket statements" about the foods we should eat...

But there some truths and mechanisms that once understood - can help you crack the code, and allow you to discern for yourself how to eat for your gut.

You'll also hear why probiotics aren't for everyone. (Prebiotics > probiotics)

You'll hear why most people are better off NOT taking a multivitamin.

Did you know that sucralose (Splenda) is chlorinated sugar? (Not good for you)

And we'll also discuss our disdain for Soylent and explain why you should avoid this "engineered" food.

It's all inside...



What You'll Hear from John and Jason on the OPP

  • The potential downside of PRObiotics - and what you should be doing instead
  • Histamine Reactions and symptoms you should be on the lookout for (probiotics causing brain fog)
  • Why nobody is talking about yeast - and why Candida is blown way out of proportion
  • What you need know about antibiotics and your microbiome
  • The ancestral reason the gut become the first line of our immune system
  • The science of leaky gut
  • Why certain gut tests are NOT as accurate as you think
  • The foods to avoid - and the foods to emphasize for optimal gut health (see where gluten and dairy rank)
  • The difference between A2 vs A2 casein in dairy products
  • Sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and "no free rides"
  • The neuro protective super nutrient that helps ants lift incredible amounts of weight (20-100X their bodyweight)
  • Lipopolysaccharides - endotoxins that create inflammation and cause the damage associated with bad bacteria
  • The importance of eating seasonally - and how joining a local CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - can support local farmers and improve your health
  • Soylent - everything you need to know (and why you should avoid this "engineered food")
  • Why you're better off NOT taking a multivitamin versus most multivitamins on the market
  • The best explanation yet of the MTFR gene and methylation
  • At-home test to see if your fats and oils are as healthy as they claim
  • The human in a zoo exhibit...what will YOUR exhibit look like
  • Where you can find more of John and Jason
  • John & Jason's Top 3 Tips (6 Total Tips!) to #LiveOptimal

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Sucralose (Splenda) Affects Glycemic and Hormonal Response

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Curcumin: Reduce oxidative stress and decrease cellular markers of inflammation

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