Hacking Time Management, Boundaries, and Happiness with Serial Entrepreneur Shane Stott

Hacking Time Management, Boundaries, and Happiness with Serial Entrepreneur Shane Stott

Shane Stott runs two businesses, manages nearly 50 people, has written 2 books - AND he has a 1 -year-old son.

How does he get it all done?

That's why he's on the Optimal Performance Podcast.

Hacking Time Management, Boundaries, and Happiness with a Serial Entrepreneur

Shane Stott may be best known as the co-founder of Zen Float Co, creator of the at-home Float Tent, and author The Float Cure.

He's also the CEO of another business, manages almost 50 people, is finishing his second book (Meditations from the journal of Marcus Aurelius) AND he has a 1-year-old son...

Today, on the Optimal Performance Podcast, Shane shares his secrets for getting it all done.

As you'll hear from Shane, it's all about habits and how we allocate our time.

Shane shares his favorite books, morning routines, how "trains people to respect his time", how he prioritizes his day and much more.

This episode of the OPP will help you increase your productivity and get more accomplished each and every day.



What You'll Learn from Shane Stott on the OPP

  • Why we need to think less and act more
  • The #1 Tip to make the books you read more effective
  • The Miracle Morning routine and Shane's "Motivation Station"
  • Why boundaries are a good thing - and how to "compartmentalize" your life and schedule for maximum growth and progress
  • "You train people how to interact with you" - how to set the expectations of others so they respect your time and schedule
  • How Shane got The Compound Effect's Darren Hardy as a mentor
  • Do you look at your habits like they're climate or weather? The secret of looking at habits on a much larger scale
  • Shane's new book - translating the journal of Marcus Aurelius
  • Using float tanks to cure/overcome anxiety and addiction
  • The magic number for float tank use - how many times do you need to go to experience the magic?
  • "Someone needs to write a book on all the benefits of I did!" The Float Tank Cure
  • Floating at home - the Float Tent from ZenFloatCo
  • The one thing Shane wishes he knew at 25
  • Where you can find more of Shane
  • Shane's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

Links & Resources

Shane's Website

ZenFloatCo Website

Float Tent

Mood Enhancing UV Lights on Amazon

Shane's Motivation Station

Shane's Books:

Find a Float Center near you: Floatation Locations Directory

Smart Caffeine - (way better than 5 hour energy)


Books from this episode:

Miracle Morning

Compound Effect

Science of Getting Rich

Art of Extreme Self Care

Meditations from Marcus Aurelius

Stephen Covey: Time Management Matrix - Important vs Urgent

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