How Dutch Olympian Govert Viergever is Biohacking His Way to a Gold Medal

How Dutch Olympian Govert Viergever is Biohacking His Way to a Gold Medal

Meet Govert Viergever

At 6 feet tall, Govert Viergever is considered so small in the rowing community that he was overlooked and written off by Dutch teams and coaches.

He never let that stop him. He continued to train and advanced his education until his nutritional knowledge earned him a consulting opportunity with the Dutch National team.

While there, he not only helped optimize their diets, he proved he was one of the four best rowers in the nation and earned himself a spot on the Olympic squad a year and a half before the 2016 Rio Olympics.

After a 5th place finish in Rio, Govert has his sights set on gold at the 2020 Games in Tokyo and he's turned to biohacking and functional medicine to give him an edge.

He started integrating recovery strategies that were unheard of in The Netherlands. Combinations of oxygen, light, PEMF, cryotherapy, earthing, self-quantification and the ketogenic diet.

On this episode of the OPP, Govert shares his top biohacking strategies for training, nutrition, and mindset as he prepares to become an Olympic Champion.

 The undersized Govert and his Dutch Olympic Rowing teammates

Show Notes

  • Chasing your dreams despite the doubters and obstacles
  • How Govert plans his training to develop both aerobic (power) and anaerobic (endurance) capacities 
  • Find out how he cycles his carbs and use the ketogenic diet to support these training goals
  • The difference between having a condition, and being a condition - "I may have a splinter" but that doesn't mean "I am a splinter"
  • Tackle the problems you can measure
  • Tracking HRV, sleep, and using the Oura Ring
  • Goal setting
  • Staying focused for a 4-year training cycle from 1 Olympic Games to the next
  • Where you can follow Govert and watch the Rowing World Championships
  • Govert's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

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