Modius: Groundbreaking Fat Reduction Technology

Modius: Groundbreaking Fat Reduction Technology

The world's leading neuroscientists think they have discovered the secret to fat loss.

They're using these scientific discoveries to create a groundbreaking technology that can reduce body fat levels without changing a person's exercise habits or diet.

It's all about the hypothalamus, the portion of our brain that serves as the control center for the hormones that regulate weight, appetite and body composition, and it works through a process called neurovestibular stimulation.

Neuroestibular Stimulation in 90 Seconds

Meet Tom Bilyeu and Jason McKeown

Jason McKeown is the CEO & co-founder of Neurovalens, the makers of MODIUS.

A neuroscientist, Jason is the youngest visiting scholar to be invited by world renown Professor Ramachandran to study neurostimulation at the University of California, San Diego. He holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Obstetrics from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of quest nutrition, now host of Impact Theory. Tom’s mission is to help end the poverty of poor mindset which he discussed with us when he was previously a guest on OPP: #108 Igniting Your potential.

If all this talk of MODIUS for health and fat loss sounds too good to be true, that's exactly what Tom and Jason think too. They want us to be doubters and skeptics. They're inviting testing, questions, and they want people to prove them wrong.

Show Notes

  • What is Modius?
    • Stimulate the hypothalamus with electric impulse to lose weight
  • How does the hypothalamus control body fat?
    • Balance
    • Everyone can lose weight easily, but the hypothalamus can stop you from doing that by increasing appetite
  • The set point and why people can lose or gain weight so easily
    • One sided kind of mechanism
  • Why is this not talked about more?
    • Most people plateau and give up
    • This is too good to be true!
      • Money back guarantee
      • Built Modius community
    • Very important for people to look at the data
    • If it’s real and it can withstand criticism and if it crumbles to criticism it wasn’t real
  • How does it affect parasympathetic/sympathetic balance, especially HRV? Are there any long term effects to stimulating the vagus nerve so much?
  • The device is controlled by app on phone. Does it use Bluetooth and if so are you worried that the electric pulse to the head will cause any damage to the brain?
    • Different from person to person
    • If you get floaty feeling, like after glass of wine or on cruise ship, keep it at that level
    • Go into this with your eyes open
  • What other questions or concerns do they have?
    • Does affect balance
    • Can get skin irritation
    • Have limit to how long you can use each day
  • Do they see benefit other than the superficial body fat reduction?
    • Weight loss and weight management device
    • If you are overweight and don’t understand the microbiome, I promise you are leaving money on the table
    • Get the person going in positive direction by using device, if suffer from depression and anxiety
  • This device replicates motion. Why not walk or play flag football that is actually a motion, rather than stimulating it?
    • How do you get person to take the first step? This could be the answer
    • Transition into healthy lifestyle
  • A study done, by NASA, in the 60’s and then follow up one done later. Can you walk the listener’s through the studies?
  • What has been the biggest surprise to people’s response to Modius?
    • People who cannot figure out how to get ahead of the curve, that they will try anything
  • What are Jason’s top 3 tips to live optimal? Tom’s best advice?
    • Sleep, diet and activity levels (body as a machine)
    • What you build your self-esteem around matters (Tom’s advice)
      • Open to being wrong

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