HRV and Polyvagal Theory with Dr. Stephen Porges

Meet Dr. Stephen Porges

Dr. Stephen Porges is the man who discovered Heart rate Variability back in the 1960's.

He's also the scientist who posited the Polyvagal Theory, a model for explaining how we function and operate as mammals.

In short, few scientists know as much about optimizing our neurophysiology as this man.

This episode of the OPP is dense. There is a lot to unpack and we could have Dr. Porges on the show for 4-5 follow up episodes - and we post your questions for him in the comments below.

What You'll Hear on OPP #142 from Dr. Stephen Porges

  • How Dr. Porges discovered Hear Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Breathing does change parameters of HRV
  • Focus on tasks with metrics of success
  • The good scientist knows to learn from others
  • The only way the science moves ahead is through the feedback
  • What is the best way for us to measure HRV?
  • The Pocket Guide to Polyvagal Theory: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe
  • Why the saying "scared shitless" is a real thing
  • Neuroception vs. Perception
  • Addressing the relevance of Polyvagal Theory in mammals
  • The vagus Nerve, trauma and mobilization
  • Once we identify the system, the mechanism, then we can intervene in ways to optimize those mechanisms
  • Being comfortable with stillness
  • Translating theoretical work into practice
  • How far can we push the window and when we hit the wall how do we use that information to define or redefine us
  • Why Dr. Porges say our nervous system is waiting for Johnny Mathis
  • Dr. Porges's Top 3 Tips to Live Optimal



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