5 Keto Mistakes You're Making Right Now (Watch Out for #5)

5 Keto Mistakes You're Making Right Now (Watch Out for #5)

It seems like the whole world has gone low-carb, high-fat.

But there's a critical difference between a true ketogenic diet, and one that is simply low-carb, high-fat.

Many people who think they're doing keto right just because they ditched the breads and pastas, might actually be doing more harm than good. 

Jason Wittrock of shares The Top 5 Keto Mistakes in this short video.  

  • Mistake #1: Not toughing it out during the keto adaptation phase
  • Mistake #2: Not eating enough fat
  • Mistake #3: Eating too much protein
  • Mistake #4: Inadequate trace minerals like magnesium
  • Mistake #5: Hidden carbs

Here's my take on this:

Making the decision to commit to a ketogenic diet (make no mistake, it is a significant commitment) is an all-or-nothing proposition.

Sure, training your body to rely on fat instead of carbohydrates will be an uncomfortable transition for the vast majority of people, but in many cases I suspect true ketosis is never achieved.

How could this be?

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Ketosis Means You're Either In or You're Out

Achieving ketosis means extreme diligence and intention with every meal you consume. Too many grams of carbohydrate from your side of spinach and broccoli, or the nuts you're snacking on can easily kick you out.

This is a careful point because vegetables are typically considered "free foods" on most diets due to their trivial caloric content -- not so with ketosis.

Trace carbohydrates, natural calorie-free sweeteners, or even the fiber from an avocado have the ability to halt ketosis.

A High-Fat Diet Outside the Context of Ketosis is a Recipe For Disaster

Everyone from fitness experts to health gurus agree that ketosis is a useful "band-aid" to treat many of the health issues of the modern age.

This is true, ketosis has been shown to improve cognitive function, reverse symptoms of diabetes, certain forms of fitness, and more.

But eating a diet loaded with delicious fatty foods like bacon, butter, and cheese only works if you are in true ketosis. 

If you are even SLIGHTLY off the mark with your protein or carb intake, all that fat you're eating won't be used preferentially for energy.

Instead, it will be going straight into your bloodstream. Which, I don't' need to tell you, poses a range of health problems. 

If you make sure to take the steps to avoid the top 5 keto mistakes, the benefits of ketosis can be remarkable.

Just remember, ketosis isn't as simple as low-carb, high-fat.

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