Joe DiStefano on Spartan Living, Breathing, Kettlebells and Go Runga

Would you do 30 consecutive days of Bikram Yoga as part of your job interview?

If your name is Joe Di Stefano and you're interviewing for Spartan Racing, you do.

Get ready to give yourself permission to act outside the status quo and seek adventure as our guest Joe Di helps us cultivate a Spartan lifestyle on this week's OPP.

Meet Joe Di Stefano

His Twitter bio reads "I like coffee and kettlebells". Don't let the simplicity fool you. Joe Di Stefano is the articulate and inspiring head of Spartan Sport and Spartan coaching. 

He also own his own adventure travel company and in this episode of the OPP, we cover the rising popularity of obstacle course racing, tips for athletes, kettlebells, his digital detox retreats with industry leaders and much more.

Show Notes for OPP #149 with Joe Di Stefano

  • Joe's take on the growth of Spartan Racing and "suffer fests"
  • Giving yourself permission to act outside of the norm
  • How your life perspective changes when you seek adventure and opportunity
  • Joe's top tips for first-time Spartan racers
  • Tips for advanced Spartan racers
  • Joe's amazing "Adventure Travel Company" Go Runga - featuring former OPP guests Ben Greenfield, Scott Dolly, Aaron Alexander and Eric Remensperger
  • How do you get 3,000 pounds of ice, Dragon Door kettlebells, and Dry Farm Wines to the middle of nowhere in Panama
  • The one exercise everybody needs to be able to do well... and some tips to make yours better ("shoulders are ear poison" and "line up Orion's Belt")
  • The Prague Institute and DNS, aka Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and developmental kinesiology
  • Why we should lie on our back like a baby and blow up ballons
  • Joe's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal



  • JOE DI (@coachjoedi) • Instagram
  • Joe Di - Home | Facebook
  • RUNGA (@go_runga) | Instagram


People Mentioned

  • Dr. Jeff Godin  
  • Joe DeSena (@realJoeDesena) | Twitter
  • Ian Adamson
  • Aaron Alexander (@alignpodcast) | Twitter
  • Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) · Twitter
  • Scott Dolly (@sd.evolution) | Instagram
  • Dry Farm Wines (@dryfarmwines) • Instagram
  • Eric Cressey (@EricCressey) · Twitter
  • Neil Rampe (@NeilRampe) | Twitter
  • Franco Columbu
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