How To Analyze Your 23 & Me Data and Decode Your Genetics

This week on the OPP, we’re decoding our genetics by analyzing 23 & Me data with Dr. Anthony Jay.

Author of Estrogeneration and a previous guest on the OPP, Dr. Jay is back to talk Epigenetics by using our 23 and Me data to look at our single nucleotide polymorphisms, or snips (SNP).

These polymorphisms (not mutations), or DNA snips are the most common variations in our genes, playing a direct in the function of those genes and serving as biological markers for certain disease risks, among other health implications.

Dr. Jay analyzes 23 & Me to investigate 3 key areas: detoxification, health risk, and athletic profile.

What You'll Hear on OPP #150 with Dr. Anthony Jay

  • 23andMe – searching for gene variance in your DNA
    • SNPS
  • How functional are these genes in your body?
    • Detox, disease risk and athletic profile
  • Analyzing Ryan’s 23andMe results
    • Detox
      • Slow metabolizer of coffee – avoid cheap coffee!
      • Sensitive to smoke
      • Likes adrenaline
      • Supplement vitamin b12 everyday
      • MTHFR
      • What you need to know about folic acid before you take another supplement
    • Athletic
      • Fast twitch muscle type
    • Disease Risk
      • Higher risk for Type 1 diabetes
      • Supplement in eye health
    • Additional
      • Likely to lose weight on low fat diet
      • Higher tendency to be OCD - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
      • ApoE-3 & 4: Alzheimer's & sugar intake
      • Longevity
  • 23andMe achieved a 99.7% agreement across sample replicates
  • 23andMe genes no longer analyzed
    • ACAT1 – Ketone breakdown
    • AHCY




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