How Neurofeedback Technology Can Make You Smarter and Happier

How Neurofeedback Technology Can Make You Smarter and Happier

Our brainwave profile and our daily experience of the world are inseparable.

Fortunately for folks like us who wish vibrate at higher levels, there is a combination of ancient practices and new technology, through which we can train our brains to produce favorable environments, enabling us to control our thoughts and shape our experiences.

This episode of the OPP is at the intersection of the esoteric and the quantifiable science of awareness, vibrations, cognition and happiness. 

We'll show you how you can optimize your short-term states and train long term traits to optimize your experiences on today's podcast.



Let's get one thing straight from the start. Neurofeedback is not the end-all, be-all. 

It is however, an amazing tool that we can add to our arsenal for self-actualization and self-optimization.

Like the quote as the beginning of this post says, the stuff going on inside of our head shapes our daily experience of the world.

Imagine being able to tame your thoughts - control them even - so you can enjoy the world as blissfully as a meditating monk.

Welcome to OPP #78

This episode of the OPP is combination of some of my recent trips - recapping my LA trip to Peak Brain, summarizing my speech at the Biohacking Summit in Finland, and sharing thoughts on how you can use neurofeedback to train your brain - so you can control your thoughts and dictate your world experience.

We'll explore the use of QEEG as baseline to discover brain patterns, tendencies and overall health.

We'll explore neurofeedback as a tool to train our brain so we can develop the traits (long-term) of a lifetime meditator.

We'll talk about using nootropics to alter your state (short-term) to enhance your performance on a daily basis

And we'll talk about some other tools - both ancient traditions and new-age technology - that you can use to optimize your brain and your consciousness.

How it all got started

A few weeks back, neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Hill from Peak Brain was a tremendous guest on the OPP. (See it HERE)

On that episode, Dr. Hill mentioned some studies that showed how humans suffer a 10-25% structural loss in cortical density after the age of 65.

There was however, ONE group of people spared this loss...meditators.

Interestingly, 10-12 weeks of neurofeedback training can deliver the same results as a lifetime of meditation. 

I had to expereicne this for myself. So I went down the rabbit hole. This podcast documents my experience at Peak Brain and shares ways that you can use this information in your pursuit of self-actualization and optimization.

**We also learned that a single dose of CILTEP impacted my brain as much as 1-2 months of direct neurofeedback training.**

The 2-Min Highlights from LA & Peak Brain

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    What you'll learn about neurofeedback on the OPP:

    • Using QEEG to establish a baseline for your brain's health and performance
    • How novelty increases plasticity and impacts your dreams
    • Neurofeedback upregulates neuroplasticity (more on plasticity from Dr. Merzenich on this epsiode of the OPP)
    • Get customized neurofeedback training - no matter where you live
    • The most important aspect of neurofeedback training - messing this up can actually HARM your brain
    • Brainwaves explained - what you need to know about the way they influence your performance (and this impacts your nootropic choices)
    • ADD is only pathology if we force you to sit in the same chair for 8 hours a day
    • Neurofeedback for meditation naive
    • 40 years of zen and other shortcuts to achieve the results of being a lifetime meditator
    • Proper coaching = faster progress in any life pursuit
    • The secret to implementing biohacks and habits into your daily routine - because consistency is king
    • My Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

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