Paul Reddick on Leadership, Values, Motivational Mistakes and Your 567

Paul Reddick on Leadership, Values, Motivational Mistakes and Your 567

Meet Paul Reddick

Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, we can only go as high as our foundation will allow.

If we are to grow into the people we seek to be, we must work on ourselves - and Paul Reddick is the man who has helped some of the biggest names in mental development, baseball, and fitness do just that.

He's on the OPP this week to share some of his insights on leadership, values, the mistakes we make in motivation (for ourselves and others) and why we should all seek to "be the bumble bee".

We'll also reveal and demonstrate Paul's famous 567 exercise which helps you get into people's hearts, discover true purpose and as Paul explains, set the beat for your relationships, business, and every other area of your life.

What You'll Hear on OPP #145 from Paul Reddick

  • Work with people who care, with projects that matter
  • What matters most? That is how you start to formulate your values
  • People build as high as they can hold
  • Stop negative thoughts – Bulldozer metaphor
  • What you have a gift, is probably more of a weapon than you think it is
  • Don’t think what motivates others should motivate you
  • Live today like you are going to die tomorrow
  • I didn’t change your life, I changed your mind
  • Set the beat from our heart, so they can catch the rhythm
  • We buy books and read things out of a deficit
  • Everyone cheers a new beginning, no one cheers on long follow through
    • We want new, not again
  • We should start saying yes to things – Run with the horses
  • Nothing good will happen if you say no
  • You're like a song that is going to be sung once



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