Skip Platt: Optimizer of the Week

Skip Platt: Optimizer of the Week

Have you ever spent months preparing for something only to have it completely taken away from you? It’s like you’ve been robbed of all of your hard work and leaves you feeling absolutely hopeless.

Skip Platt has been there and he knows that pain and frustration all too well.

skip platt optimizer of the week

Skip, an American Ninja Warrior Season 7 contestant suffered an extreme injury just weeks before the competition last year, causing him to miss the very event he spent the previous 11 months preparing for.

Platt was using his at-home backyard gym as an intense training obstacle course and took a bad fall, tearing his ACL, MCL, PCL, and bruising his femur.

Like most of us, Platt was completely distraught and he temporarily lost sight of his ultimate health and fitness goals.

But this obstacle didn’t keep him down for long.

Determined to make a full and speedy recovery, Skip took what he calls a “shotgun” approach - doing everything possible that was known for rapid recovery, inflammation control and tissue healing.

Skip Platt’s Natural Stacks Journey

Platt wasn’t a complete novice to supplements, but had spent the majority of his health and fitness lifestyle centered around low fat diets and intense workout programs, like P90X.

Although he was gaining muscle and strength, Platt still saw a lot of inflammation keeping him from having the radiant energy and healthy feeling he thought fitness would bring.

He soon realized that fat is actually good for you and began using Bulletproof Coffee - through which he stumbled upon Natural Stacks after Natural Stacks was mentioned on the Bulletproof Podcast.

Our focus on fighting anti-inflammation at its core really struck Platt, and he started on Krill Oil immediately. He needed something strong enough to heal his entire leg without the harmful side effects of synthetic supplements. After diving into the world of open-source, all-natural supplements, Platt recovered faster than what anyone predicted for him or thought was possible.

Skip Platt’s Personal Stack

After seeing the incredible change in his body using Krill Oil to relax his inflamed injury, Platt became a true believer in the power of our products.

Now, he uses a variety of products together and on their own to achieve optimal performance in every aspect of his life.

CILTEP is a go-to for him every day, taking up to three when he has a long day ahead with his kids or is preparing for a daunting work out.

Platt is also using our Resistant Starch complex Prebiotic + before bed for increased sleep quality and measures his sleep cycle with an app to track the improvement.

For Platt, our protein blend is unbeatable. He used it during post operation for physical therapy, knowing that our Protein could help recover tissue quickly so he could go all out every session.

Platt says he also uses Curcumin to reduce inflammation which he found critical for not only work outs, but every day life!

Skip Platt’s Best Supplement Advice

Skip acknowledges that “a lot of people get scared when they hear the word supplements,” but if you ask him, he’ll tell you that there are so many toxins in our environment, supplements should be called requirements.

On finding actual improvement from using Natural Stacks supplements:

“Overtime, when you’re not taking CILTEP you’ll notice it more than how you feel when taking it. Without CILTEP, I’m searching for words, not as creative, and can’t sit down and work on a project. A group of guys and I do 2-3 hour workouts every saturday that are super intense. The guys who are joining don’t want to keep going but I’m ready for more.”

It’s these subtle increases in energy and motivation that separate Natural Stacks from the rest of the pack.

Check out our entire product page, read our blog, listen to our top-rated Optimal Performance Podcast, for all the resources you need to get the most out of your life and optimize your health and wellness.

Skip Platt is one of many who have found optimal success through using Natural Stacks products.

If you or someone you know is becoming an ultimate Optimizer like Platt, contact us and tell us your story. We want to share your success with the world!

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