Top 10 Podcasts of 2016

Top 10 Podcasts of 2016

Choosing the Top 10 episodes of the Optimal Performance Podcast for 2016 is a lot like choosing your favorite child.

So I took the easy way out. 

The Top 10 that follows are not MY favorites - they're YOUR favorites, decided by number of downloads.

We've been fortunate to have amazing guests all year long who helped us create value-packed, entertaining shows and I've had a blast connecting with our guests and learning along the way.

Here are The Top 10 OPP Episodes From 2016

1. Ketone Episode w/ Dominic D'Agostino and Dr. Mike T. Nelson

Everything you need to know about Ketones, Ketosis and the ketogenic diet. Who should - and who shouldn't - use it. The latest research and much more.

2. Logan Gelbrich on Accountability, Community, and Reaching Your Goals

This is the #HoldTheStandard Episode.

5 Reasons You're Failing To Reach Your Goals

  1. Accountability
  2. You Never Move Beyond The Whiteboard Stage
  3. You Have a Fixed Mindset
  4. You're Too Fragile
  5. Community

3. Fix Your Gut Episode

There is a lot information - and misinformation - about gut health. John Brisson and Jason Hooper run a fantastic blog at Fix Your Gut and they brought their knowledge to the OPP for this killer episode.

Find out why Probiotic supplements are as great as they're cracked up to be along with numerous other tips to optimize your health.

My personal favorite from this episode is a line from Hooper...

"If you were a human exhibit at the zoo, what would YOUR exhibit look like?" - Jason Hooper on the OPP

4. Peak Brain Performance with Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Hill

Discover everything from sugar's deleterious effects on the brain to the optimal brain wave environments for attention, focus, and performance.

Peak Brain Institute founder and UCLA neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Hill makes this episode a can't miss if you're interested in brain health and performance.

5. Jeff Chilton - Medicinal Mushrooms

Jeff Chilton has been growing mushrooms for over 40 years. In this industry-rattling episode of the OPP, Jeff shines light on a shady practice that cushions the pockets of other mushroom product manufacturers and reduces the quality of product provided to consumers.

This was the episode where we revealed our brand new line of Myco Stacks and laid out our plan to disrupt this unsavory industry norm.

6. The Alkaline Water Episode

A somewhat controversial episode - not by design - this episode was recorded on site at the 2016 Float Conference with VeJohn Heinemann.

VeJohn discusses the science of restructured water, the etiology of disease and how alkaline water can change your life.

7. The Bulletproof Conference Hot Seats

9 experts. 4 questions each. Rapid fire, value-packed, and non-stop excitement.

This episode features the likes of Mark Sisson, Joe Defranco, Kelly Starrett, Logan gelbrich and more.

This was a blast to record on-site with our guests at the 2016 Bulletproof Conference and we will certainly do more of these at upcoming events.

8. Mark Sisson - Become a Fat Burning Beast

The one and only Mark Sisson sat down with us to talk about his new book Primal Endurance, becoming fat adapted, and how to kick more ass at this thing called life.

Mark is a great person and this episode is everything you would expect from such a leader in the ancestral health community.

9. Dr. Michael Merzenich - The Authority on Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity = our brain's ability to literally create itself. Dr. Michael Merzenich is the premier authority on the subject and the founder of Brain HQ. On this episode he drops knowledge from start to finish on how we can train our brains, increase intelligence, and fight off cognitive decline.

"You should think of a real life as one in which you are continuously learning." - Dr. Michael Merzenich

10. Chris Kelley from Nourish Balance Thrive taught us how to hack Hormones, Fatigue, and Libido

This episode - like all the others on this list - is packed with actionable information that you can implement in your daily routine to see immediate benefits. A fellow podcaster, Chris knows how to deliver high value information in a fun and engaging way. 


The episodes with the highest download numbers are skewed towards newer episodes as our downloads have really taken off in the last 3-5 months. This is GREAT, and it's largely due to YOU sharing the OPP with your friends and family (read: please keep sharing the OPP with your friends and family!).

But this list would not be complete without a few other tremendous episodes from earlier in the year:

The Caveman Coffee Episode: Living The Pirate Life - LIVE at Paleo f(x)

I remember watching Keith Jardine and Tait Fletcher fight in, together with the badass Lacie Mackey, this trio has created an amazing brand and they have a beautiful message about directing your own life. Hear more about the Caveman Coffee story and what it means to fly the flag of piracy.

We had Joel Salatin on the podcast - TWICE!

Once at a special event in Highland County Virginia: The Surprising Truth About Agriculture and Money

And again when I visited his world-famous Polyface Farms to record this gem:

**Notice his cat bringing us a dead mouse while filming. Click the image to watch the full video.**

We also talked to Maria Granberg about climbing Mt. Everest, Jakob Gollon about beating Duke in the midst of March Madness, Rick Doblin from MAPs talking psychedelics and Todd White talking sugar-free, keto-friendly wines!

We're so thankful for this amazing community of guests and listeners. This year has been amazing and we can't wait to continue the growth and optimization in 2017.

I(We) would love your feedback.

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