Nootropics, Metabolism and Circadian Hacks with Steve Fowkes

Nootropics, Metabolism and Circadian Hacks with Steve Fowkes

Looking for a pre-sleep elixir that improves rest and increases energy?

How about a new way to use your favorite nootropics for enhanced mental performance?

Curious about the dangers of that cell phone in your hand (or in your pocket)?

We cover all this and more as we deep dive into nootropics, metabolism, biochemistry, and circadian hacks with biohacking legend and organic scientist Steve Fowkes on the OPP.

Keep reading for some amazing tips to optimize your health and energy levels.

Meet Steve Fowkes

Steve Fowkes is a legend in the biohacking community - and for good reason.

He's an organic chemist, the Executive Director of CERI (Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute) and the Chief Science Officer of Nanopolymer Systems Corporation.

As Steve likes to say, he was hacking biology before the word "biohacking" was invented.

Steve has also consulted with numerous companies on nutritional education and product formulation and you can find more of his work at Project Wellbeing.

Steve Fowkes on the Optimal Performance Podcast

We're lucky to have Steve join us for not 1, but 2 episodes of the OPP. This is Part 2 - you can see Part 1 HERE.

In today's Part 2, we dive deep into nootropics, metabolism, metabolic typing, top-down vs. bottom-up control of health, and some circadian "hacks" that will help you improve your sleep, increase energy and protect your overall health.

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    What you'll hear from Steve Fowkes on the OPP:

    • Why (and how) Steve drinks his piracetam
    • How to identify your own natural struggles or weak areas of cognitive function (so you can optimize them!)
    • Different tasks require different mental profiles for optimal performance
    • The difference between exercising your metabolism and exercise
    • How extra reducing powers (more negative electrons) increases your recovery ability
    • Why high intensity interval training is Steve’s top choice for brain-boosting workouts
    • Metabolic typing - fast vs slow oxidizers, or Parasympathetic vs. sympathethic
    • Aerobic, anaerobic and our succeptibility to viral disease
    • How neuro-endocrine systems manipulate our underlying biochemistry and adaptive systems (aka, “Top-down” regulation)
    • Why your lack hacking should go: “red-blue-red”
    • Hacking motivation and confidence with phenylalanine
    • Why Steve does not own a cell phone
    • Why Steve says sleep monitoring is the best way to track health and the measure the effectiveness of your other “hacks”
    • Why Steve does not own a cell phone and why his house is hard-wired to avoid wifi and radiation as much as possible
    • The collagen and Tryptophan sleep elixir
    • The connection between alcohol and sugar cravings
    • A deep dive on brain development and why humans must develop the brain AFTER birth instead of being born with a fully formed brain
    • Polyunsaturated fats - potential carcinogens and mutagens lurking in the shadows…
    • An at-home use for BHT or Rosemary to preserve your foods

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