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Apigenin+ is the first 100% plant-based, 3-pronged apigenin formula for sleep. This special form of apigenin, from grapefruit, interacts with GABA receptors in the brain to induce relaxation before bed. This works together with passion flower and lemon balm to reduce wakefulness, control bedtime stress, and trigger the sleep process in the brain. While most apigenin is synthetic or fake, Apigenin+ is completely natural and plant-based. It feels like a high-dosed chamomile tea, and it’s non-habit-forming. This is a revolutionary step in sleep science, providing you with the 3 best ingredients for deep relaxation. Fall asleep faster.* Control bedtime stress.* Wake up rejuvenated.*
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Apigenin+ Benefits

The Best Solution To Fall Asleep Effortlessly*

Apigenin is an anomaly molecule that directly interacts with a neurotransmitter called GABA in the brain. It downregulates GABA to naturally speed up the sleep process. Studies have found apigenin – and the two other ingredients in this formula – are able to help individuals fall asleep faster.[95]

Switch Off Before Bedtime*

Don’t let a hard day keep you up at night. Now, you can stop worrying about what happened and what’s to come. Apigenin+ offers a three-pronged formula that’s designed to help you drift off and relax. This passionflower, apigenin, and lemon balm creates a “relaxation concoction” to switch off your stress before the lights go out at night.*

Feel Rejuvenated Each Morning*

Concrete research finds that sleep is one of the most neuroprotective activities we can do.[96] With more high-quality sleep, and less time laying awake, your energy and brain function will skyrocket.* Using Apigenin+ before bed helps you fall asleep faster, but the real benefits are felt the morning after. You’ll wake up with peak energy, focus, cognitive function, and a positive mood.* If you stick with it for months, this will become the norm.*

Fall asleep in minutes, without tossing and turning

If you have trouble falling asleep, it’s likely due to the GABA receptors in your brain. Research shows that GABA triggers sleep since it’s the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.[92] A simple molecule called apigenin has the power to downregulate GABA.[93] When interacting with GABA, apigenin can lull you to sleep very quickly, and this process is completely natural to the body. It will feel like a high-dosed chamomile tea.*

100% plant-based sleep formula

While most apigenin is synthetically derived, fake, or low-dosed and extracted from chamomile, Apigenin+ is different. This apigenin is sourced from grapefruit, so it’s a 100% plant-based sleep support you can take before bed. The unique form of apigenin can cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning it works in the central nervous system and interacts with GABA receptors to induce sleep. The other two ingredients inside – lemon balm and passion flower – are also 100% plant-based and completely natural to the body and brain. Instead of a single apigenin ingredient, Apigenin+ provides the brain with 3 relaxation and sleep supporting nutrients inside one capsule.

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How To Use

x60 servings

Take 2 capsules per day as needed or as advised by a healthcare practitioner. 120-count bottle!

2 capsules/day as needed

Take 2 capsules per day as needed or as advised by a healthcare practitioner.

Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, consult a healthcare practitioner before use. Do not take with other sleep products or alcohol.

What To Expect

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